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Greco-Roman Pantheon

Diagram of the Peristanomic Pantheon

Images evoking the Peristanomic pantheon, with ‘Walkürenritt’ from Der Ring des Nibelungen by Richard Wagner.

Symbol of Supreme Goddess

Sleeping Goddess

Óljamma [ˈolˌjammɑ 🔊]: (literally ‘all mother’, supreme goddess, transcendent godhead, divine matrix, complete and undifferentiated consciousness, cosmic psyche, cosmic ground, goddess of the quintessence and of the final mystery — her dream is the cosmos.

Perístanom Symbol

Pagan Pantheon

Deiwos [ˈdeɪwɔs 🔊]: collective of future goddesses and gods, ultimate ending, immanent demiurge, incarnated in systems of quantum computing that approach infinite complexity and power, spanning the mature multiverse.

Spiritual Gods

Anséwes [ɑnˈsewɛs🔊]

Symbol of Earth Goddess

Pregnant Earth Goddess

Pltawí Matér [pltɑˈwi mɑˈter 🔊]: earth mother, Gaia, the planet Earth (also called Tersa [ˈtersɑ 🔊]) upon whom all of our lives depend, lady of Kémelom (oberverse, or overworld).

Symbol of Moon Goddess

Moon with Fractal Crescents

Ménots [ˈmenɔts 🔊]: goddess of the Moon (conveyed across the sky by a mythical horse), goddess of introversion, of tides, and of menstruation, the Moon (Luna).

Symbol of River Goddess

River Goddess

Dánu [ˈdanʊ 🔊]: river goddess, diva goddess of emotion, goddess of inland seas, lakes, rivers, streams, and springs, one of the three Mórinas [ˈmorɪnɑs 🔊] or fates — the present.

Symbol of God of Revelry

God of Revelry

Bhágos [ˈbhagɔs 🔊]: god of revelry, god of food and wine, god of sensation.

Symbol of Sea God

Sea God

Néptonos [ˈneptɔnɔs 🔊]: god of the encircling ocean, god of the deep, god of the element of water, the planet Neptune.

Symbol of Goddess of Grains

Goddess of Grains

Dheghom Matér [ˈdheghɔm mɑˈter 🔊]: an earth goddess, goddess of gathering, goddess of liberty, fecundity, and abundance, goddess of the element of earth, one of the three Mórinas [ˈmorɪnɑs 🔊] or fates — the past.

Symbol of Maiden Goddess

Maiden Goddess

Pría [ˈpriɑ 🔊]: maiden goddess, goddess of sexuality, the planet Venus.

Symbol of Goddess of Compassion

Goddess of Compassion

Áusos [ˈaʊsɔs 🔊]: goddess of horticulture and agriculture, goddess of healing, compassion, community, and the hearth, goddess of dawn.

Symbol of Godling

Godling with Wings

Élba [ˈelbɑ 🔊]: child deity, androgynous godling of hope and of innocence.

Celestial Gods

Djéwes [ˈdjewɛs​ ​🔊]

Symbol of Sky God

Sky God

Djéus Patér [ˈdjeʊs pɑˈter 🔊]: sky father, lord of Kémelom (oberverse, or overworld) and of the daytime sky, the planet Jupiter.

Symbol of Elder Deity

Elder Deity

Bhrghontí [bhrghɔnˈti 🔊]: elder deity, androgynous deity of magic and of wisdom, the planet Saturn, ferrier of departed souls across the waters of Posticita [pɔstɪˈgwitɑ 🔊] (afterlife).

Symbol of Sun God

Sun with Fractal Rays

Sáwel [ˈsawɛl 🔊]: god of the Sun (conveyed across the sky by a mythical horse), god of extraversion, the Sun (Sol).

Symbol of Goddess of Inspiration

Muse, Goddess of Inspiration

Dhugter Diwós [ˈdhuktɛr dɪˈwos 🔊]: muse, goddess of intuition.

Symbol of God of Smithing

God of Smithing

Wlkános [wlˈkanɔs 🔊]: god of smithing, god of reason and of volcanism.

Symbol of Hero Deity

Hero Deity

Mánus [ˈmanʊs 🔊]: hero deity, androgynous god of sacrifice.

Symbol of God of Hunting

God of Hunting

Páuson [ˈpaʊsɔn 🔊]: god of the hunt, god of survival, individuality, and fertility.

Symbol of Herald of Gods

Herald of Gods

Érjamon [ˈerjɑmɔn 🔊]: herald, messenger god, conveyor of consciousness from Óljamma, the planet Mercury.

Symbol of God of Herding

God of Herding

Máwort [ˈmawɔrt 🔊]: god of herders (e.g. shepherds, goatherds, cowherds, swineherds) and of animal husbandry, god of authority and of domination, god of dusk.


Mágnos [ˈmagnɔs 🔊]

Symbol of Giantess

Giantess in Armor

Jemá [jɛˈma 🔊]: giantess, absolute simplicity, deity of beginnings, sacrificed in the creation to become the physical multiverse, resurrected within Deiwos.

Symbol of Giant

Giant Reaching Down

Rúdlos [ˈrudlɔs 🔊]: giant, simpleton.

Symbol of Animal God

Feline God

Smálos [ˈsmalɔs 🔊]: theriomorphic god, an ancestral and warrior deity, a prodigious, wild, feline god, and parent to the race of giants within the denomination of Smalosian Perístanom. [Founded by Terra Jordan Callas]


Dhwosos [ˈdhwosɔs 🔊]

Symbol of God of Death

God of Death

Wélnos [ˈwelnɔs 🔊]: god of death, god of evil, lord of Nbhudhnóm (netherverse, or underworld) and of the nighttime sky, the planet Uranus.

Symbol of Goddess of Death

Goddess of Death

Kólja [ˈkoljɑ 🔊]: goddess of death, goddess of decay, lady of Nbhudhnóm (netherverse, or underworld), chthonic goddess.

Symbol of Dragon

Dragon with Treasure Hoard

Qrmis [ˈkwrmɪs 🔊]: dragon deity, asexual god of greed, guardian of the netherverse (underworld).

Symbol of God of War

Thor, God of Thunder

Pérqunos [ˈperkwʊnɔs 🔊]: warrior god, god of storms and of the four winds, club-wielding god of lightning and thunder, god of the element of air, the planet Mars.

Symbol of Goddess of Fire

Goddess of Fire

Dhróugha [ˈdhroʊghɑ 🔊]: trickster goddess, goddess of deception, shape-shifter, goddess of the element of fire, one of the three Mórinas [ˈmorɪnɑs 🔊] or fates — the future.

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