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Sphere of the Gods Animated

Images evoking the Peristanomic pantheon, with ‘Walkürenritt’ from Der Ring des Nibelungen by Richard Wagner.

Diagram of the Peristanomic Pantheon

Smite Pantheon Banners

Symbol of Supreme Goddess

Sleeping Goddess

Óljamma [ˈolˌjammɑ 🔊]: (literally ‘all-mother’), known also by the names Ánəma [ˈanəmɑ 🔊] (‘mind’, ‘soul’, ‘spirit’, or ‘breath’) and the onomatopoeically related Mahjum [ˈmahjʊm 🔊], supreme goddess, divine matrix, godhead both immanent and transcendent, complete and undifferentiated consciousness, cosmic psyche, cosmic ground, goddess of the quintessence and of the final mystery — her dream is the cosmos.

Perístanom Symbol

Pagan Pantheon

Deiwos [ˈdeɪwɔs 🔊]: collective of future goddesses and gods, ultimate ending, immanent demiurge, incarnated in systems of quantum computing that approach infinite complexity and power, spanning the mature multiverse.

Spiritual Gods

Anséwes [ɑnˈsewɛs🔊]

Symbol of Earth Goddess

Pregnant Earth Goddess

Pltawí Matér [pltɑˈwi mɑˈter 🔊]: earth mother, Gaia, the planet Earth (also called Tersa [ˈtersɑ 🔊]) upon whom all of our lives depend, lady of Kémelom (oberverse, or overworld).

Symbol of Moon Goddess

Moon with Fractal Crescents

Ménots [ˈmenɔts 🔊]: goddess of the Moon (conveyed across the sky by a mythical horse), goddess of introversion, of tides, and of menstruation, the Moon (Luna).

Symbol of River Goddess

River Goddess

Dánu [ˈdanʊ 🔊]: river goddess, diva goddess of emotion, goddess of inland seas, lakes, rivers, streams, and springs, one of the three Mórinas [ˈmorɪnɑs 🔊] or fates — the present.

Symbol of God of Revelry

God of Revelry

Bhágos [ˈbhagɔs 🔊]: god of revelry, god of food and wine, god of sensation.

Symbol of Sea God

Sea God

Néptonos [ˈneptɔnɔs 🔊]: god of the encircling ocean, god of the deep, god of the element of water, the planet Neptune.

Symbol of Goddess of Grains

Goddess of Grains

Dheghom Matér [ˈdheghɔm mɑˈter 🔊]: an earth goddess, goddess of gathering, goddess of liberty, fecundity, and abundance, goddess of the element of earth, one of the three Mórinas [ˈmorɪnɑs 🔊] or fates — the past.

Symbol of Maiden Goddess

Maiden Goddess

Pría [ˈpriɑ 🔊]: maiden goddess, goddess of sexuality, the planet Venus.

Symbol of Goddess of Compassion

Goddess of Compassion

Áusos [ˈaʊsɔs 🔊]: goddess of horticulture and agriculture, goddess of healing, compassion, community, and the hearth, goddess of dawn.

Symbol of Godling

Godling with Wings

Élba [ˈelbɑ 🔊]: child deity, androgynous godling of hope and of innocence.

Celestial Gods

Djéwes [ˈdjewɛs​ ​🔊]

Symbol of Sky God

Sky God

Djéus Patér [ˈdjeʊs pɑˈter 🔊]: sky father, lord of Kémelom (oberverse, or overworld) and of the daytime sky, the planet Jupiter.

Symbol of Elder Deity

Elder Deity

Bhrghontí [bhrghɔnˈti 🔊]: elder deity, androgynous deity of magic and of wisdom, the planet Saturn, ferrier of departed souls across the waters of Posticita [pɔstɪˈgwitɑ 🔊] (afterlife).

Symbol of Sun God

Sun with Fractal Rays

Sáwel [ˈsawɛl 🔊]: god of the Sun (conveyed across the sky by a mythical horse), god of extraversion, the Sun (Sol).

Symbol of Goddess of Inspiration

Muse, Goddess of Inspiration

Dhugter Diwós [ˈdhuktɛr dɪˈwos 🔊]: muse, goddess of intuition.

Symbol of God of Smithing

God of Smithing

Wlkános [wlˈkanɔs 🔊]: god of smithing, god of reason and of volcanism.

Symbol of Hero Deity

Hero Deity

Mánus [ˈmanʊs 🔊]: hero deity, androgynous god of sacrifice.

Symbol of God of Hunting

God of Hunting

Páuson [ˈpaʊsɔn 🔊]: god of the hunt, god of survival, individuality, and fertility.

Symbol of Herald of Gods

Herald of Gods

Érjamon [ˈerjɑmɔn 🔊]: herald, messenger god, conveyor of consciousness from Óljamma, the planet Mercury.

Symbol of God of Herding

God of Herding

Máwort [ˈmawɔrt 🔊]: god of herders (e.g. shepherds, goatherds, cowherds, swineherds) and of animal husbandry, god of authority and of domination, god of dusk.


Mágnos [ˈmagnɔs 🔊]

Symbol of Giantess

Giantess in Armor

Jemá [jɛˈma 🔊]: giantess, absolute simplicity, deity of beginnings, sacrificed in the creation to become the physical multiverse, resurrected within Deiwos.

Symbol of Giant

Giant Reaching Down

Rúdlos [ˈrudlɔs 🔊]: giant, simpleton.

Symbol of Animal God

Feline God

Smálos [ˈsmalɔs 🔊]: theriomorphic god, an ancestral and warrior deity, a prodigious, wild, feline god, and parent to the race of giants within the denomination of Smalosian Perístanom. [Founded by Terra Jordan.]


Dhwosos [ˈdhwosɔs 🔊]

Symbol of God of Death

God of Death

Wélnos [ˈwelnɔs 🔊]: god of death, god of evil, lord of Nbhudhnóm (netherverse, or underworld) and of the nighttime sky, the planet Uranus.

Symbol of Goddess of Death

Goddess of Death

Kólja [ˈkoljɑ 🔊]: goddess of death, goddess of decay, lady of Nbhudhnóm (netherverse, or underworld), chthonic goddess.

Symbol of Dragon

Dragon with Treasure Hoard

Qrmis [ˈkwrmɪs 🔊]: dragon deity, asexual god of greed, guardian of the netherverse (underworld).

Symbol of God of War

Thor, God of Thunder

Pérqunos [ˈperkwʊnɔs 🔊]: warrior god, god of storms and of the four winds, club-wielding god of lightning and thunder, god of the element of air, the planet Mars.

Symbol of Goddess of Fire

Goddess of Fire

Dhróugha [ˈdhroʊghɑ 🔊]: trickster goddess, goddess of deception, shape-shifter, goddess of the element of fire, one of the three Mórinas [ˈmorɪnɑs 🔊] or fates — the future.

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