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Orthodox Perístanom: contains only those core beliefs common to all Soqjós.

Animal God

Smalosian Perístanom: identical to the Orthodox denomination but for the addition of a theriomorphic god named Smálos [ˈsmalɔs 🔊]. He is an ancestral and warrior deity, a prodigious, wild, feline god, and parent to the race of giants. [Founding and artwork by Terra Jordan Callas.]

Diagram of the Smalosian Pantheon

Androgyne in Water

Androgynean Perístanom: identical to the Orthodox denomination but for the addition of a prophecy — the prophecy of Steramáqa [stɛrɑˈmakwɑ 🔊]. Androgynean Soqjós believe that, at some unknown time in the future, an intersexual and multiracial child will be born to save the world. The savior, whose true name will be Wirocenos [wɪrɔˈgwenɔs 🔊], will be a true hermaphrodite (46XX/46XY mosaic) and a demigod — the offspring of a mortal woman and the sky god, Djéus Patér [ˈdjeʊs pɑˈter 🔊]. This ‘miraculous’ birth is believed by some to be logically necessary in order for Deiwos to evolve within this universe filled with consciousness. The androgynous demigod will unite the manifest opposites, of female and male, dark and light, youth and age, wisdom and folly, good and evil, divinity and mortality, faith and science. When referring to Wirocenos, Androgynean Soqjós typically use neologistic pronouns intended, at least graphically, to be more neutral of gender — in English: ‘shi’ (subjective), ‘hir’ (objective and determinative), ‘hirs’ (genitive), and ‘hirself’ (reflexive), all homophonous with the traditional feminine pronouns. A total solar eclipse — the union of Ménots (Moon) and Sáwel (Sun) — will herald the birth of Wirocenos, and the child will bear the mark of the androgyne — a circle pierced by an arrow, combining the ideograms for Venus, Mars, and Sagittarius — the intersexual symbol pictured below, (with an armillary sphere).

Symbol of Intersex

Armillary Sphere

Diagram of the Androgynean Pantheon

Helikón [hɛlɪˈkon 🔊] (Ἑλικών): according to Androgynean Perístanomic prophetic lore, a rotating orbital space station in the shape of a double helix one thousand kilometers above our planet, to be constructed in the future at the request of Wirocenos.

Double-Helical Space Station Orbiting Earth

Comrades of Perístanom

Comrades of Perístanom: officially named Gromos Soqjóm Perístanos [ˈgromɔs sɔkwˈjom pɛrˈistɑnɔs 🔊] (The Congregation of the Comrades of Perístanom, postnominal: GSP), a pedagogical congregation that is open to everyone who accepts the moral principle of democracy — of democratic control by a majority of stakeholders — in all institutions.

Order of the Androgyne

Order of the Androgyne: officially named Monwowostu Perístanom Wirocénosjo Diwós [mɔnwɔˈwostʊ pɛrˈistɑnɔm wɪrɔˈgwenɔsjɔ dɪˈwos 🔊] (The Monastic Order of the Divine Androgyne, postnominal: MPWD), ​a hospitaller order of Androgynean Perístanom.

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